Information for people interested in sponsoring Archers Wheelchair Basketball Club.

PLEASE HELP US.........We are a small but devoted group of people who are dedicated to bringing wheelchair basketball to as many people as possible - please help us if you can.....

Our Club and our sport

 The Archers Wheelchair Basketball Club was the first wheelchair basketball club in Wales. Years later we have gone from strength to strength and expanded to the point where we now host a team competing in the First Division - and we are still looking to expand. A lot more information about the Club can be found on the various pages of this website.

 Wheelchair Basketball is one of the most popular disability sports and it consistently attracts more attention and spectators than other disability sports. It is a dynamic and exhilarating sport which promotes a healthy confident capable image of "dis"ability - the players are great role models.




 Our costs

The Club began life, in 2002, as a very small operation and we have worked very hard over the past few years to expand and improve. We have now had a very succesful few years in the Great Britain National League and we are still looking to better ourselves and the opportunities we can provide.

The cost of buying and maintaining the basketball wheelchairs is, as obvious as it sounds, the main difference (in terms of cost) between a wheelchair basketball team and an able bodied basketball team. Each basketball wheelchair is a high-tech, hand made piece of engineering which is built to each players unique measurements and, consequently, they are extremely expensive. Most of the basketball wheelchairs in use in this country are made by RGK wheelchairs - and their standard basketball wheelchair (the "Interceptor") costs at least £2,500. On top of this initial outlay, each chair needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs. A set of tyres costs approximately £40 and each castor wheel costs in the region of £35. Wheel bearings and tyres need to be regularly replaced (every 4 or 5 months) making the ongoing maintenance costs in relation to the Club's "fleet" of wheelchairs a considerable annual outlay.

In addition to the exceptional costs involved in acquiring and maintaining the Club's wheelchairs, the Club also has to bear the cost of entering two teams into the Great Britain National League. In relation to home games, the Club's costs include referees and other match officials' costs and providing refreshments. In relation to away games, travel costs are the main expenses. The annual total cost of running the Club's 2 competitive teams is in the region of £6,000 per annum (based on figures for the 2013-14 season). These costs are likely to increase every year with the climbing costs of fuel etc and this figure does not include the cost of team kit/strip etc.


Fundraising ideas

There are two main methods for people who would like to get involved with our club to help us. Either a straight forward donation (any and all sums will be very gratefully received) or an ongoing sponsorship relationship. If you would like to help us with costs and have other ideas as to how that help could be structured please feel free to contact us to discuss the options.

 Alternatively, if you have some spare time and would like to volunteer with the club, we would be extremely pleased to hear from you. Please have a look at the Volunteering page on this website.



Sponsorship Opportunities 

Given the potential for wheelchair basketball in Wales, and our Club's initiative in breaking into this new ground, we are looking to develop long term relationships with businesses. In return for your generosity and support we can offer you (some or all of) the following opportunities :

  • Shirt/Kit Sponsorship - your logo/name etc would be prominently featured on our playing jerseys, warm up tops, or club Tshirts/bags etc. What types of kit would be covered by this deal is open for negotiation.
  • Chair Sponsorship - again your logo/name would be prominently featured on the sponsored wheelchair(s).
  • Promotional literature - the club uses posters and hand-outs on a regular basis to encourage new participants and promote club events. All of this literature could bear your logo/name.
  • Match advertising - your logo/name could be displayed on a courtside banner in a position of your choice. This obviously also raises the opportunity for your logo/name to be in the background of any photos that are taken.
  • Online advertising - your logo/name could be featured prominently on our website. And speaking of websites - we are also looking for a web-sponsor to help us cover the costs of acquiring and maintaining this website.
  • Our players would also be available for demonstrations and other publicity events that your company would like to stage.
The benefits for your company would include :
  • Increased media exposure of your company.
  • Increased local and national awareness of your brand.
  • Your company would be demonstrating community awareness.
  • International web-based brand awareness.

If you have any other ideas we are more than willing to listen to your proposals....and we would love to hear from you.