Have you got some spare time on your hands?

Welcome to the biggest and most successful Wheelchair Basketball Club in Wales!.......


WELCOME and THANK YOU for expressing an interest in volunteering with our Club - 

PLEASE take the time to read the rest of this page...we very much hope that you will find something within the Club that catches your interest.

A little bit about us - we started as a tiny operation in 2002 and have grown from strength to strength so that we can now field five competitive teams. In our first season in the Great Britain National League, we were recognised by the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association as the "Best Performing New Club" and we have continued to grow after that initial success. We have a range of players of all ages and abilities and we are always in need of help and support to keep the Club growing and improving.

What could you do for us?   There are a vast number of different "jobs" you could do to help us take this amazing Club forward and whatever your particular skills are, we are sure we could put them to some excellent use - if you have got some spare time….we would love to occupy it for you. 

 Opportunities the Club can provide you include : coaching, table officialling, refereeing, wheelchair maintenance, DIY, Club official or committee member, helping us raise funds for the Club (fundraising events co-ordinator or helping us recruit new sponsors), helping us reach out to the Community, raising awareness and generally helping out at the Club (which could include everything from admin to making refreshments for the games)....whatever you are interested in doing, we are sure we can accomodate you. And imagine how rewarding it will be to see new members come into the Club and progress through to, maybe, joining the Great Britain team.

Everyone comes to the Club for their own reasons and with their own goals and desires - and we would like to work with you to make your dreams a reality. For example, have you ever thought of taking a basic coaching qualification and becoming a Leader? If so, we could help you access funding and support you through the course.

It may be that you would simply like to come along and help the coaches run the Club sessions (something as simple as helping us get the equipment out of the cupboard and put it away again would be a massive help)…whatever time and skills you can bring to the Club will be very gratefully received - we would only ask that you are responsible, reliable and trustworthy and ready to help and work with the Club coaches.

There are obviously some small safety precautions we will need to take - for example, we will ask for details of any health conditions or allergies you might have and we will also ask you to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service check -  the Club will cover the costs of the DBS itself. You will understand that the Club needs to be a safe environment for all its members.

We are a very progressive club, driven by a dedicated and ambitious Committee - and we would love to work with you to achieve both your aims and our Clubs aims.



 Volunteering is good for you! 

It can :

  • Give you valuable work experience and skills;
  • Be an opportunity to try out new skills;
  • Help you meet new people and make new friends;
  • Boost your confidence and give you a great sense of satisfaction - its very rewarding!
  • Be something completely different that you do with your family and friends;
  • Improve your health (research actually shows that people who volunteer tend to drink and smoke less!) and reduce your stress levels

Our commitment to you…

The Club relies on people devoting spare time to its causes and we really do value any time you can spare us. In return for your time and energy, we are committed to providing you with:

  • A very rewarding experience;
  • A variety of roles within the Club to suit your skills and interests;
  • Opportunities to progress, improving your skills or learning new skills;
  • The Club will enable you to access heavily subsidised, if not free, training in connection with your role within the Club;
  • Ongoing support through resources and mentoring;
  • Recognition of your efforts.

The Club subscribes to Disability Sport Wales' "Volunteering Counts" scheme - and that scheme can provide you with appropriate Disability Awareness Training, access to disability specific/sport specific training, a Volunteering Counts mentor and DBS clearance checking.

Please do not feel nervous about coming forward - we are a very friendly Club and, if there are tasks and/or activities that you would not feel comfortable helping with, we will completely understand and respect your choice not to undertake those activities.

   If you are interested and would like to talk to someone at the Club about your involvement with the club, please contact us using the details on the Contacts page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Archers Wheelchair Basketball Club Committee