The Club's Documents and ClubMark Award

The Club Committee has formally agreed and adopted a number of documents - which are available via the links below. We hope that these documents will enable us all to enjoy the Archers Wheelchair Basketball Club and all the opportunities it provides better and in the right atmosphere. 

 Some of the documents every Club member will need to be familiar with (ie Players Code of Conduct) whilst others are here simply for ease of reference (eg Attendance Register). Please take some time to browse through them.

Every Player needs to read and sign a copy of the Players Code of Practice - and give a signed copy to Jo.

 Please ask any member of the Committee (or use the "Contact Us" page on this website) if you have any queries about these documents.

  Club Management Documents  

Club Constitution
 Committee Structure (Oct 2016)
 Disciplinary Policy (Oct 2016)
Financial and Fundraising Policy (Oct 2016)
Club Equipment Policy (Oct 2016)

  Club Membership Documents 

Code of Practice for Club Officials and Volunteers (Oct 2016)
Code of Practice for Players (Oct 2016)
Code of Practice for Junior Club Members (Oct 2016)
Code of Practice for Parents and Carers (Oct 2016)
Volunteer Agreement Form (Template Oct 2016)

Club Member Protection

Equity Policy Statement (Aug 2014)

BWB Equality Policy

(adopted by Archers July 2014)

BWB "Safety Nets" 

Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Policy

(adopted by Archers July 2014)

Safeguarding Contacts (Template Oct 2016)
 Guidelines for Dealing with an Incident/Accident (Oct 2016)
Incident/Accident Report Form (Template Oct 2016)

  Club Coach and Team Manager Documents

  Club Coaches and Team Manager Role Descriptions (Oct 2016)
Head Junior Coach Role Description (Oct 2016)
Assistant Junior Coach Role Description (Oct 2016)

Club Development

Development Plan (Template Oct 2016)
Development Action Plan (Oct 2016)
Club Partnership Agreement (Template Oct 2016)
School/Club Links Agreement (Template Oct 2016)

Useful Club Management Documents and Letters

Attendance Register (Template Oct 2016)
Membership Register (Template Oct 2016)
New Member Welcome Letter (Template Oct 2016)
New Junior Member Form (Template Oct 2016)
 Intro Letter to Parents/Carers (Template Oct 2016)
 New Member Information Form (Template Oct 2016)
 Medical Information Form (Template Oct 2016)
 Risk Assessment Form (Template Oct 2016)
  Archers Star Awards (Template Oct 2016)

  Federation of Disability Sport Wales' ClubMark 

GREAT NEWS - The Archers Wheelchair Basketball Club (formerly known as Cardiff CELTS Wheelchair Basketball Club) was awarded the Disability Sport Wales' ClubMark accreditation in September 2009.



 The Archers currently hold Disability Sport Wales' Bronze Insport Award.

  The Committee is dedicated to the Club being a safe place for everyone and will ensure that these documents (and the spirit of these documents) are implemented in the running of the Club. So please take the time to look through these documents - and let us know if there is anything you are not sure about.

All of the documents are aimed at making the Club a safe and fun place where everyone can develop to the best of their abilities.