Archers Wheelchair Basketball Club Players, Coaches and Volunteers.

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Our Coaches...

The following Club Members are qualified Club coaches :

Caroline Matthews (Grade 3), Steve McGrath (Grade 2), Jo Coates-McGrath (Grade 2) and Liam Holt (Grade 2). We are also ably supported by a number of excellent Grade 1 Coach Assistants.


Our Volunteers...


 Brenda Annand


Sue Clelland


Club Members

Jo Coates-McGrath

Liam Holt

Caroline Matthews


Steve McGrath


Mike Carruthers

Harri Jenkins

Mo Khan

Owain Taylor

Jamie McAnsh


Olly Griffith-Salter

Paul Mcadorey

Emma Douglas

Geraint Price
Lyndon Price

Rhys Thomas


Tom Emmett

Paul Furber

Tom Seaborne

Rhys Nute

Scott Bowen

Sam Harvey


Rob Carpenter

This could be you

   Loheit Patel


This could be you!

This could be you

This could be you! 

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